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Top 10 Marketing Dissertation Titles

If you are trying to get your PH.D in Business Marketing then you will have to write a Marketing Dissertation paper at the end of your academic career. Marketing, to some may seem like an unusual topic to write a dissertation on because it is a complicated topic that can be covered from a variety of angles. In many ways however- this also makes it an ideal dissertation publication topic because there is so much research; including case studies, that you can look at. However the first step to writing a marketing dissertation is coming up with a great clinching title that will suit your thesis and get the attention of potential readers. Below we’ve included a few of the top titles that students have used in the past for their Marketing Dissertation papers, feel free to re-spin these titles in order to come up with a concept for your own composition.

  • Marketing Relationships- How do Company Loyalty Cards Successfully Encourage Spending and Consumer Loyalty?
  • Branding- How Do Well Marketed Brands Get Away With Selling Sub-Par Products?
  • Branding- How Starbucks Has Changed Brand Marketing Forever.
  • Branding- What are the Ethical Limitations of Brand Marketing Strategies?
  • Direct Marketing- Can Direct Marketing Build Customer Relationships and Procure New Business As well?
  • Direct Marketing- How Online Mediums Have Changed Direct Marketing Theories and Revolutionized The Marketing Industry.
  • Modern Marketing Techniques- How Different Cultures Receive Different Marketing of International Brands: Coca-Cola
  • Modern Marketing Techniques- How Marketeers Take Into Consideration Regional Demographics, With Examples.
  • Consumer Psychology- What Role Does Motivation Play in Consumer Choice?
  • Marketing Online-How Do Consumers Respond To Internet Marketing Schemes: A Case Study.

If you want to come up with your own unique dissertation topic for your marketing paper, try to contemplate a unique angle for a popular topic of discussion. For example, What are some of the more popular marketing concepts being examined today? What unique insights can you add to these conversation and how can you explore these topics in more depth. Try to use examples that are well-known, without being redundant and just telling the same story over and over, try adding something new to the plate and talking about a theory or concept that may be new or that you’ve come up with yourself. A successful marketing dissertation will say something useful about the marketing industry today.


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