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The Gandhian Beliefs of Khadi

Gandhiji found a new method to hurt the business interests of the British. Business interests were of paramount to the British monarchy wherever they went. Gandhiji identified yet another crack in this and started off the Swaraj Movement encouraging people to wear home-spun clothes and use only home produced goods. This had an indirect impact on the economic well-being of the British rulers in the country.

The following for Gandhiji was so large and each of his statements was blindly accepted as a mantra by almost all the citizens of the country. This Swaraj Movement which promoted use of Khadi for clothing and boycott of machine manufactured goods among others hurt the business interests of the British people. This was something the British monarchy was not prepared for. Using simple but effective strategies that could be easily implemented by the masses in their own homes was the strategy and thought process Mahatma Gandhi always had in his mind. For instance, non-violence appeals to the Indians at a large level having brought up on staple diet of Ramayana, Maha Bharatha, and Bhagawad Gita, the Dandi Salt March was something that had an emotional appeal to every person in the country, so was the Swaraj Movement and the boycott of foreign goods. Was Gandhi practicing sun Tzu’s thousand cut approach on the might British Empire?

The life, ideas and work of Gandhiji are of significant importance to all those willing to have abetter life for the mankind. The political map of the entire globe has changed radicallysince Gandhi’s time, the economic situation has experiencedsetting free of numerousupsettingforces, and the social setting has experienced anincredible change. The significance of moral as well as ethical issues designed by him still, continue to remain crucial to the future ofboth individuals as well as nations alike. The contemporary world needs him, more than the pre-independent Indian times.

The foundation philosophy of Khadi comes with novel feeling with a lot of historical and philosophical implication that are embedded within this philosophy. Amongst the plethora of views that Gandhiji expressed for tackling innumerable problems of pre-Independent India, his philosophy and opinions that were associated with Rural Development, popularly known as the Gram-Swaraj, was the most important one.

For Gandhiji the most prominent theme was the renewal of ancient self-sufficient system of Indian villages alternatively popular by the name ‘Gram-Swaraj’. He strongly believed that actual progress ofIndia was not just the growth and development of the Industrial urban centers, but in reality rural development.

Self-sufficiency of the villages was considered as the soleand universal remedy to save villages from being oppressed by industrialism and also by the so called big cities. Actually, thisphilosophy of village development, as regarded to be the predominantforce of overall national development, cannot be ruled out even in today’s contemporary world. Despite numerous amounts of continuous efforts of the government by way of planned economy over pastfive decades, the conditions in the rural Indian have not improved considerably yet.


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