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Today, the biggest educational assessment in America is derived from the graduation rate of high school. Each year 69% of seniors graduate from American high schools and actually obtain their diploma. 30 years ago, America was the leader among high quality education and the highest number of high school diplomas. Today America is now ranked 18th out of the 23 industrialized countries that exist. In America 1.3 million high school students fail to graduate on time. Vermont, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Pennsylvania have the highest rates of delayed graduation in high school, between 80% and 89%. South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, and Louisiana are at the lowest rate of delayed graduation at a rate less than 60%. 97% of students who are considered low income need school in order to obtain Internet access. And yet 40 million students do not actually have high-speed Internet offered in their schools.

There are 6 million students approximately in grades seven through 12, who are struggling to read at their grade level. 70% of eighth-graders in America cannot read at the standard level. There are many reasons for this, but the most significant factor related to the achievement of students is teacher quality. In America, 14% of new teachers will resign by the time their first year ends. Another 33% will leave within the first three years of teaching. And nearly 50% of teachers in America leave by their fifth year of teaching.

In the workplace 85% of jobs require post-secondary or college education. And only half of students to entering into a four-year school will actually receive their bachelors within six years. In schools that have 75% of their students at a low income level, the likelihood of having teachers educating in something other than their field is three times as high compared to a wealthier school district. This means that in poor school districts, teachers half to teach subjects on which they are not qualified at a rate three times higher than in wealthier school districts. That being said, high schools today are failing to adequately prepare students with the knowledge and the skills they need to do well after they graduate. Graduate students, ready for college, are not adequately prepared for the demands of college, leading to the Afro mentioned rate of only half of the students to enter for your schools actually graduating. In fact, one in for high school students is only considered ready in the four core subjects, including math, reading, science, and English.


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