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Creating Amazing Essay Topics for The Crucible

Ask Yourself, “What Haunts You?”

Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible is one of the easier plays to write about in literature because it contains so many grand themes and interesting characters you can explore. Often, the best angle to take on the essay is to take the question, troubling scene, or idea that stays with you after reading the play. I have found that, for me, choosing the one thing that seems to haunt meabout a work is where my topic always is.

Suggested Essay Topics on The Crucible’s Themes

  1. The Theme of Martyrdom in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

    Look at the issues Proctor thinks about over and over, especially at the beginning of the play. He wonders if martyrs must be saints and muses on the value of martyrdom in general. You will also want to examine the character of Rebecca Church, who goes to her death without protest, even though she led a respectable life.

  2. Privacy Out the Window: The Tightly Knit Community in Miller’s The Crucible

    Salem is such a small, close community that privacy is almost impossible. Would you like to live in such a community? By having individual’s behaviors so scrutinized, Miller implies that such communities create societies rife for witch hunts. Explore these ideas in an essay.

  3. Questions of Race in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible: An Exploration of the Character of Tabitha’

    With this topic, you could discuss the interesting character of Tabitha. Why does she seem to have more power than the whites? Is she somehow outside the community? What does she do with this power an what does Miller seem to be saying, ultimately, with her character?

  4. Real Witch Hunts and Fictional Ones: The Inspiration for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

    You can find a lot of evidence and essays on the topic of Miller, McCarthyism and The Crucible. This would make a great research paper topic.

  5. A Narrowing Focus: The Hero-Rebel Character of Proctor in Miller’s The Crucible

    Although The Crucible features many characters and multiple themes, the character of Proctor seems to be Miller’s chief interest, and the themes that swirl around his character. What does he seem to be saying on a grand scale about this 17th century farmer? Why is his character ultimately important? Is he a 1950s “everyman” perhaps? To explore this idea fully, ask yourself what Proctor feels about the values of the community.


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