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10 Great Topics for a College Psychology Research Paper

College psychology professors want to be sure their students understand the concepts they are trying to teach them. One of the best ways for students to learn is to conduct and write research papers. Psychology is full of fascinating topics for research paper writing, but you should be sure that you pick a topic that fits with the psychology topic you are studying. Here are a few psychology topics that would be interesting to research:

  1. Depression: Topics relating to depression are highly relevant today. So many suffer from depression in some form, so your research could help people manage their depression. Whether you do a highly focused or general research paper on the topic, you are bound to learn something useful.
  2. Bullying: Even though bullying is not as prevalent in college, it is still an important topic to understand.
  3. Addictions: This topic plagues many families. You could focus on gambling, alcohol, drugs, exercise, shopping, or other addictions.
  4. Personality disorders: These are simply fascinating because they are not completely understood. How do people get them and what is the best method of treatment?
  5. Kids and the Media: Within the past 20 years, the images shown in the media have become more and more disturbing. Sadly, children are not bothered by the images they see because they have become desensitized.
  6. Autism: This is a highly controversial subject simply because people do not understand why it happens and what can be done about it. Should children with autism be placed in classrooms with regular ed students or should they be placed in specialized classrooms? What is the best method for working with children with autism? What is it like to be a person with autism? What is the best way to make it through the world if you have autism?
  7. Death and Dying: As more adults live longer lives, what will death and dying look like? Will we mourn the loss of our elders if they live into their 90s or 100s or will the consequences of their deaths be more of a celebration rather than a reason to be sad?
  8. Obesity: What are the psychological ramifications of being obese? What happens to self-esteem in the mind of an obese person?
  9. Stress: How does stress harm the body? What does regular exercise do for stress?
  10. Meditation: How does this ancient practice work? What are the benefits of meditation? How can meditation be used in lieu of prescription medications?


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