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Impress Your Audience With An Excellent Narrative Essay- Writing Ideas

A narrative essay is one that explains in detail an event or topic about your life. It is your personal view of the event or whatever you decide to talk about. The main part of a narrative is that you have to tell a story.

  1. Start with an outline. It is a great tool that you use to keep organized. Staying on track is important and will make a huge difference in your final result. It can also save you some time because you will have all of your ideas down on paper so all you have to do is write. When you know what is coming up next, it is easier to make the ideas mesh together. The paper will read less choppy if you choose to start with an outline.
  2. Use transitions when going from one topic to the next. It is a very good way to eat up some of your word count and it also makes it easier for your reader to follow. It is good to direct your reader through the essay. They should be able to stop at any point and know if you are on your first supporting piece or the third. Think of it as a guidebook to your ideas on a topic. It will help the reader understand your thoughts on a topic.
  3. Proofread and edit your paper several times. There are so many times when spelling and grammar errors get out there. Nobody is perfect. There are times when you can look it over and continuously miss an obvious comma error or a word typed twice. Therefore, read it through carefully more than once. You can even see if you can get a friend to read it through too.
  4. Use words that awaken the senses. Explain how things spell, taste, and sound. It is designed to really push you to draw a picture with your words. So if you are writing about a time that you went to Alaska, you should describe how it spelled and what you saw and heard.

Paint a vivid image with your words. Be very descriptive and aim to make your audience fell like they were right there with you. Have fun with it. Tell a story about something that happened to you or on some even that made a big change in your life.


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