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Definition Essay Writing Help: Introduction Samples

For many students this is their introduction into etymology; the study of the history of a word. A Definition Essay, is just as the name says, it defines a term or word. As such this is not going to be an interesting subject for many people. Thus, it falls on the writer of the essay to make it such, and the introduction as always is where it starts.

  1. Word Sample
  2. Phrase Sample
  3. Complex Phrase Sample

Word Sample

When taking a specific word, it is important to bring some history with it. This allows the reader to know where it come from and how the meaning has been kept or altered.


Throughout history, the term Apple, has changed in spelling, but in many languages, kept the sound. As such when Isaac Newton wrote about the apple that fell, it may have been written ‘appel’. In all of its names, the word has not always referred to the fruit. This is what will be looked at, and how the word has developed into the use we have today. Through looking at the past, it will be shown how the definition today has arrived.

Phrase Sample

Phrases are another type of definition that can be explained in a Definition Essay. In this sample we used some Latin to give depth to the history of the word.

Cotter Key

If you were asked to get a Cotterel, would you know what that was? From the medieval Latin ‘cotārius’, has traveled a long way to what most people think of. Yet it is one of the oldest fasteners still in use today. By traveling the road from the past, to today, the definition can be learned. Plus that there are many other uses of the word and words.

Complex Phrase Sample

Complex phrases are often associated with more advanced studies. But they are no less important to show the word is known and understood.


As in most branches of science, linguistics are broken into many different fields. This is because knowing a word, does not mean that the word is actually known. Words can change, or be altered in different parts of a society. Understanding this, and how which words are different and the same gives a much deeper knowledge. Showing how dialectology helps advance linguistics, and how it operates; will give a better understanding of the phrase.


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