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Advice from Professional Writers - How to Write Literary Analysis Papers

You should always start with a simple question of what is the main argument you wish to pursue. You have the work of literature and have been asked to write an analysis of it. Naturally you will begin by reading the set text. And you will not read it once or in a skimmed or light-hearted fashion. You will read it more than once. You'll take notes. If you are allowed to mark the actual text, you will put an asterisk in the margin alongside relevant passages. You will become familiar if not over familiar with this piece of literature.

Now you need a thesis statement. Now you need the main approach you will take in writing an analysis. Are you going to discuss this piece of literature alongside other comparable works? Are you going to look at the impact this literature has had on the world of reading? Are you going to examine this work in relation to other works by this same writer? All of these questions are important and the answer will determine the way you write your analysis. Remember if you are not clear about the approach you are going to take to this piece of literature, then your writing will reflect your confused thinking. This confused writing will earn you a very low score. Get your approach very clear in your mind before you start.

Start as you mean to continue

The introduction to your analysis must be powerful. It must grab the attention of the reader. It must tell the reader exactly what they can to discover in reading this analysis. You must be clear about the way you were going to write this analysis and your introduction proves that point. Start with a bang. Some people use a quotation from the work they are studying at some place in their introduction. If you do this make sure the quotation supports the approach you are taking.

Your thesis statement will naturally appear in the introduction. Keep it as short as possible. Write it on a separate piece of paper and place it where you can see it as you go about writing your analysis. Every one of the main points you make to substantiate your point of view must relate directly to your thesis statement. If any point it does not do that, remove that point.

It is most important that you avoid repetition in creating your analysis. Once you've made a point, move on. Wherever possible find a link between the points you're making. Allow them to substantiate your argument. The more points you have the stronger your point of view.

And when you come to the conclusion make the summary as short and as powerful as possible. Wrap up your analysis with a clever endorsement of your point of view.


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