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Assignment Writing For Free…Is It Possible?

As someone who makes a living writing original material the idea that I would provide my services for free is slightly insulting. Individuals, who ask for pro-bono work from professional creative writers, really need to evaluate what they are trying to achieve. Although I have no problem answering a few mentoring questions for students, I would never complete a writing assignment without first being paid. This is like asking a tradesman to build you a house without negotiating a contract or a lawyer to defend you without receiving a salary.

The only reason that I would even write someone’s academic paper for them is because they are willing to pay generously for it. The time and energy it takes to compose a high quality written assignment is invaluable to me when I could be doing paid work. Asking a writer to write for you without negotiating payment is like saying to them that their time is less valuable than yours. That is why so many homework services require payment for assignment assistance - no writer will ever work for peanuts.

We all know that students are under a lot of pressure to complete major written assignments on tight deadlines. For many this can be a stressful prospect, and procrastination does get the best of all of us at times. However intentionally neglecting your school work and then approaching a writer to help you get it done comes with a hefty price tag-with due cause.

How would you feel if I asked you to work for free? One thing that I always tell these individuals, and yes… I do get inquiries. Is that they need to consider the golden rule “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” It is absurd to think that I would provide my experience and expertise to a student simply so that they do not fail their course. It isn’t that I lack empathy; I was once a student myself. It is that I am a professional and typically professionals don’t work for free.

Asking For Help With Your Writing Assignment

A completely different matter altogether is when a student emails me requesting that I review their draft and give them some advice on how they could improve their writing assignment. If I have the time, I never hesitate to proofread and edit for students who could benefit from a little help. Mentoring young writers for free is something that I don’t mind doing at all because I know what it is like to be a student who is trying to get good grades.

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Instead of hiring expensive tutors to help make your reading and writing better, simply use the finished works from the online writing source you hired and make those examples of what your future personal writing should look like when completed. Since you’ll already be provided the proper formatting, all you’ll need to memorize is how to place the content within the provided outline.

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Once you’ve gotten this down pat, you can increase your writing level and, of course, your class grades. Learning from your accidents can perhaps provide the greatest educational value of all. While millions of students aren’t ‘hip’ to buying the college papers online yet, many more people understand just how ordering custom papers online can save your grade from apparent ruin when you failed to write papers yourself.