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Paper Editing Tips And Tricks

Effective proofreading can be difficult, especially if it is your own work. Additionally, finding a set standard for how a paper should be is impossible because there are a variety of styles, tones, and formats. Fortunately, there is a loose guideline comprised of various tips and tricks for effective editing! Check out the best editing tips and tricks compiled below.

Top ten Editing and Proofreading Tips

  1. Do not try and edit immediately after you have written the paper. Instead, set it down for a bit and return later.
  2. Reading a paper out loud is essential to catching odd sounding sentences that are grammatically correct. Also, try having someone else read it out loud to you.
  3. Lay out a list of problems to look for, then check out one at a time. This is a much easier method for spotting errors than focusing on the entire paper as a whole.
  4. Spell check obsessively. If you are using Word, or Microsoft Word, you can easily use the spelling and grammar check function to find all of your more obvious mistakes. This will save you a lot of time especially if you have a variety of pages to check at once!
  5. Double checking your facts and figures is a sure fire way to ensure your paper is credible and reliable. Not only will you lose a fair bit of points by failing to reference certain facts, but if you improperly quote those facts you are likely going to lose the trust of your reader!
  6. Pick up a dictionary and a thesaurus. First check to see if the word you are using is the right one, not the write one. Additionally, if you notice a word that is repeated many times throughout the paper, try finding a synonym for it so you can break the monotony.
  7. Ask others to help you proof read. We already stated you can request a friend to read it out loud, but having your professor, or another academic figure, check over your work prior to completion will ensure that the paper is up to par.
  8. Make a checklist of common errors prior to proofreading your paper. These errors can include: punctuation, spelling, verb tenses, and more. Once you understand what to look for, and where you commonly make mistakes, you can better spot errors in your paper.
  9. Read a paper copy instead of on the computer. This allows you to see your paper differently and may make it a lot easier to spot certain errors.
  10. Lastly reading your text backwards will help spot various spelling errors that you may not have picked up on since it forces you to focus on the specific word, not on the sentence as a whole.


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