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Common Research Paper Topic Questions You Should Know

When you conduct research for your paper you need to make sure you check the following:


  • Ask yourself who the author is
  • Ask yourself what the author’s name is and what their qualifications are
  • Ask yourself if there are any links to information on the author and the author’s position
  • Ask yourself if there is any way you can contact the author
  • Ask yourself if you have ever heard the author cited before
  • Ask yourself if the author has written on this topic previously


  • Ask yourself who sponsored the site
  • Ask yourself if the author is affiliated with a reputable organization
  • Ask yourself if the information on the site or article reflects the views of the organization or just the author
  • If there is no sponsoring organization name, look at the URL. Sometimes the sponsoring organization name is references in the extension. For example: “.edu” is an educational institution page, “.gov” is a government page, and “.org” is a nonprofit organization.


  • Ask yourself what audience was intended to read the website. This is important because you do not want to use information from a website designed for elementary school students if you are crafting a college paper.


  • Ask yourself if the website is current or dated
  • Look at the “recently updated” date at the bottom of the home page. A site that has been regularly updated is more reliable than one which is supposed to provide information about the Gaza Strip but has not updated in the last two months.


  • Ask yourself if the material is accurate
  • Ask yourself if the material is an opinion rather than fact
  • Ask yourself if the information on the website can be verified in any print sources
  • Ask yourself if the material was borrowed from somewhere else
  • Ask yourself how valid the author’s research was
  • Ask yourself whether there was any substance to the argument and if the author provided strong evidence to support it

If you are able to answer all of these questions in the affirmative, then you are viewing a site that can be used as a source in your paper. The entire purpose of this exercise and these questions is to get you to think critically about the websites you encounter, because you are responsible for making sure the sites you use in your paper are reliable and accurate.


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