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How To Write An Outline For A Speech

Perhaps the most nerve-wracking part of college attendance revolves around speech writing, especially writing these speeches properly. There are time limits, plenty of information which needs to be covered, and the better your written introduction is, the more likely you’ll receive higher grades. Taking the advice of professionals who know how to write an outline for a speech will definitely make the process much easier. Below are useful pointers should your next class entail speech writing and recital.

Basic Structural Components

Every essay needs to have three basic parts, wholly, in order to make the speech write smoothly and sound professionally when being delivered. These three parts include:

  • Introductory paragraph which delivers subject and foreshadows the remaining speech
  • Body which must have the basic sustenance of your speech
  • Closing, or conclusion, which must wrap-up your entire speech into one nice package

Making sure these structural components are present is vital if you want your speech to turn out as planned. Next we look into the deeper aspects of the above three basic speech topics.

Breakdown Of Basic Components

Introductory paragraphs need to have some key points to simplify the writing process. They are:

  • Tell your audience what you’ll be talking about, making sure to speak or write clearly
  • Describe the reason why you chose this topic and how it impacted you, if at all
  • Let audience know participation is appreciated when completed

The body, where all the action takes place, also needs to be relatively ‘beefy’. You may include:

  • Three supporting arguments which will include positive and negative subject aspects
  • Potential remedies for your problem, if your speech is about one
  • Some key facts surrounding your topics, which should be researched and source notated
  • Conclusion should be the strongest part even yet. When closing your speech, write out the:

  • Basic points you hoped people took away from your speech
  • Potential theories or hypothetical statements which you derived while writing
  • Thanking the audience for listening and open the floor up for debate
  • In Closing

    Speech writing is more of an art than something which is easily learned. Once you’ve grasped the concept of creative writing, the speech writing process will be easier than before. When you are learning how to write an outline for a speech from secondary sources, make sure to be patient and take the professional advice given because your grade hinges on perfectly written and recited essays.


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