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Writing A Good Report: Concluding Thoughts

When writing a report, there are a few essential parts to the overall paper.

The report, whether it’s research paper, or a term paper has several points that should be consistent with every other paper.

  • The introduction which provides your thesis, or the main point the paper will make
  • The body which provides all of the points to support your thesis or point
  • The conclusion or finishing thoughts to sum up all of your points.

The thesis is the base of the entire report. It provides your claim on the topic of the paper, as well as provides the general outline to the body and it’s main points. The introductory statements are a very simplified version of the body of the paper, and they provide a base understanding of what the paper is claiming.

The body is full of points supporting your thesis and research. An outline made before the paper’s first draft will be a skeleton to the body of it. This skeleton will give you the base points to the paper, and can give you a net to fall back on should you get stuck. The points should be concise and supported by your research and notes you have been taking while doing it. These body paragraphs will give the reader the information that they need to understand how you came to your conclusion in your thesis statement. They should have a lot of information, without overstuffing them and overloading the reader with knowledge.

The final part of the paper is the conclusion. This sums up the entire paper and everything that you put into it. It provides the thesis statement again, but with the points to back it up in the paragraphs before it. It should be roughly the same length as the introductory part, but worded in such a way that it gives the reader a chance to see how you got your thesis and hopefully with your information, helped them change their conclusion as well.

Most papers are made up of three parts, each have their own purpose and build off of each other. The intro gives the basic premise of the paper, while the body backs up this statement with various points. The meat of the paper is the body The concluding thoughts on it solidify what you are trying to prove and gives your final sentiments on the topic.

The beginning is just as important as the end. The conclusion should sum everything up easily.


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