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A List Of Fresh English Literature Research Paper Topics

If you are in English literature for college or university it may seem difficult for many people to find a fresh topic for research papers. When there are so many ideas that have been used and reused it is a nice change of pace to find some more recent issues and fresh topics to write on. This will certainly impress both your professors and the students who would also like to learn fresh topics and not just the older ones. I will here list five of them that have a large amount of interest among recent generations of English literature students that are still popular, and being explored.

  • Modernism
  • Postmodernism
  • Textual Criticism
  • Deconstruction
  • Chuck Palahniuk


The first topic I will discuss is one that has shaped so much of the world around us everything from science to architecture. The basis of modernity is that we can and should order or life and worldview around the process of objective reasoning in the here and now. This will allow us to make greater achievements in the natural world around us. In literature this meant that we would see novels and other forms of writing describing what is was like to live in this new period. Many writers living in the Industrial Revolution, and the early 1900’s would write about the radical transformation they witnessed around them.


The second topic up is one of the most influential ones it is postmodernism. This is a complex wide-ranging subject that is difficult to define. It can best be described as a response to modernism. If modernism stated that we have achieved so much in arts and sciences postmodernism responded so what at what cost? So much of the objective seeming essence of modernism was questioned as being cultural biased rooted in the worldviews of those who said it. This meant it did not reflect the totality of experience and knowledge. This led to a large number of different takes than the modernist one outlined above. In terms of literature it would lead to different cultural outlooks that were not based on modernist assumptions such as different racial, class, or gender outlooks concerning different events and issues.

Textual Criticism

The next topic I will look at is textual criticism, this is a modern scholarly innovation touching on all literature and study thereof. What textual criticism is may be called the advanced study of any given text that allows the researcher to analyze whether or not the claims within the text are objective or not. There are many aspects to this with numerous disciplines in the field but the next topic is one of the most preeminent in modern literature.


In modern literature especially English the literary phenomena called “deconstruction” has been one the most influential in history. The basis of deconstruction is to as the name implies deconstruct a given text and look for its authors background/outlook to find the root of their intent and meaning rather than taking them at face value. By doing this it allows you to find possibly hidden motive or even motives unknown to the authors conscious intent.

Chuck Palahniuk

The final topic relevant to a fresh English literature paper I want to look it is a writer whose works have touched upon many of the themes of the prior topics listed. This is Chuck Palahniuk, his writings have dealt with many of the themes of modernity and postmodernity. His most famous novel is Fight Club a book which had been transformed into a cult classic movie. Most of his novels revolve around lonely or alienated people attempting to cope with the problems of modernity and postmodernity especially in terms of identity and purpose. These have been but a few of the many and flourishing topics of present day English literature. These and many others could be used to write brilliant essays In regards to this genre of literature.


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